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Introduction - The one of its Kind Education Project in India which is committed in the Direction of Revolutionizing present Education System in the Country, which is the Traditional method. A1 Soft believes that a lot needs to be done in the Field of Education to give it a new Direction so that it catches up fast with the Progress 
happening in IT and related Fields and ensure an up-to-date Future for India. 
In the First Phase of this Project, we are connecting with CBSE - Affilated Schools in various Cities of India through our Project Coordinators and Encourage Students to participate in  Writing Contests. The Topics will be related to their Course Material 
and in this way the Children will get dual benefit of Learning their Course in a novel way and also learn new Concepts of IT by using it themselves.

In the later Stages, we have plans to connect with Engineering and Management Colleges also. 

The Winners will get Prizes and Certificates by A1 Soft Corporation which will help them in Future. Also, since their Blog Posts will be published Online, both the Students and the School will get a lot of well-deserved Recognition. 

Please go through the Frequently asked Questions (FAQs) below for further Details about The Project:

1) What is A1 Soft Corp?

A1 Soft (erstwhile Aerosoft Corp) is an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Company. It is the brainchild of Capt. Shekhar Gupta, who is an Airlines Pilot and has worked in various National & International Airlines. The Company was established in 2010 with the focus of providing a virtual Aviation World to the enthusiasts but now boasts of having  valuable Content on various other Topics as well. We have more than 600 Portals & Blogs 
and are indexed by all major Search Engines. As per all major Search Engines, A1 Soft  are the Best in India and the finest in Asia. The Team also provides very Economic  Branding and Promotion Solutions to International Airlines Training Organisations and have been bestowed with various Awards at many platforms.

For more Information, please visit: 

2) Tell us about the Project.

This Project is a one of its kind in India and is in a Direction of revolutionizing the way Education is going on in the Country and give it a new Spark. In the last 10 years or so, India has really progressed in the Field of IT and none of the Sectors is now 
untouched by it. But, it has been observed that our Basic necessity, Education, is slow in catching up and is still practiced in the Traditional way. A lot needs to be done in the Field of Education and A1 Soft wants to take a Step in this Direction.
In this Project, we are trying to connect with Schools through our Coordinators and encourage Students to participate in Blog Writing Contests. The Topics will be related to their Course Material and in this way the Children will get dual benefit of Learning their Course in a novel way and also learn new Concepts of IT by using it themselves.

3) What is a Blog?

A Blog is a Website or a Web Page on which an individual records Opinions, Links to other Sites, etc. on a regular basis. It is not limited by Topics and Age Group and covers a vast expanse of Readers.

3) What Benefits will the Students get?

By partipating in these Contests, the Students will be able to revise the Topics they are most interested in or the Topic they are weak in and want to know better. Thus, it  is a new way of Revising the Course Material. Apart from this, the Winners will get  Prizes and Certificates by A1 Soft Corporation which will help them in Future. Also, since their Blog Posts will be published Online, both the Students and the School will get a lot of well-deserved Recognition. 

Please view the Interview below:

"Asia's youngest blogger" - Yashraj Kandya -

4) Do the Schools have to Pay any Money at any Stage?

There is absolutely no Money involved at any Stage in this Process. We derive our Return by working with the Children and doing something in the Field of Quality Education for 
them so they turn out to be knowledgble and bright Youths. We just need good Blog Posts from Children and Support from School Administration. We want it to be complete Win-win for all Parties involved.

5) How will the Process Work?

First, a Computer-skill Test will be conducted to assess the ability of the Students to operate a Computer. It will be a very Simple Test and will just Test the Basics as that is the first requirement for further Steps. The selected Students will be given Topics, 
related to their Course Materials, and encouraged to write Blog Posts. They need to be provided close to Half-an hour by the School Authorities just 2 or 3 days a Week to prepare and submit the Post. Our Project Coordinator will be available Online during 
this Time for any Online Support required by the Students. 

The Blog Posts will then be evaluated by the Team of A1 Soft and Winners will be announced who will be awarded Prizes and Certificates by the Organisation. Exceptional 
Bloggers can also get chance for a Television or Radio Interview.

6) What Schools are you targeting and in which Cities?

We have started with CBSE Board Schools (NCERT Course )in Indore, Madhya Pradesh and  want to take it to a National Level.  In just 1 Month, we have got Asia's Youngest  Blogger in Master Yashraj from ....... School, Indore who has been recognized by Google  too. (View video above). We have plans to take up this Idea to College Level also but   that will be at a later Stage.

7) What is the Age Group of Students who can Participate?

From Classes VI to XII  will be able to Participate in the Project.

8) What kind of Support you want from the School Administartion?

We just want the Schools to be open to the Idea and view it as an add-on way of Learning  which will complement their Traditional Method and in no way be a hindrance to it. We  want the Schools to be supportive and a Participant in the Process of building a better  way of Education System. 

Team Members :  Core Team :

Capt Shekhar Gupta, CEO AeroSoft Corp.
Shekhar is a Professional Pilot with more then 10 years experience of Flying on 14 different types of Air crafts in 10 different countries with accident free flying record.Shekhar is good in Flying Training as well as in Ground class for Pilots. Shekhar 
started his flying career from Skycabs [ Colombo ] and worked for many Airlines Training Companies from different part of the world. He trained more then 350 Pilots who are flying world wide. He is a member of Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association [ USA], Royal Society of Aeronautics [ UK], Delhi Flying Club, Aeronautical Society of India, MP Flying Club Indore, Aeronautical Research Society. His recent passion is Aviation SEO  for which he takes classes for IIT & IIM students in India and others in abroad.
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Capt Ankisha Awasthi, Author Be An Aviator Not A Pilot  
Capt Ankisha Awasthi is a Professional Pilot with International experience of Flying on many different types of Air crafts in different countries with accident free flying record. She is good in Flying Training as well as in Ground class for Pilots. Her  
recent passion is AirAviator And Aviation SEO for which She takes classes for IIT & IIM students in India and others in abroad.
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Anuja Dubey  [MBA-HR] HR Manger
Anuja is working with AeroSoft Corp as a HR Manager.Anuja born in Indore and has done her MBA from Gujarati Professional Institute,Indore.She has also done a certified course of French Language(basic)from Aliance Franciase,Indore. She had done her trainning in Bajaj Capital and in GWB IT Solutions. She also ran her own coaching classes of English and French She has won many prizes in school and college. She also use to write blogs in 
Dainik Bhaskar (Bal Bhaskar) in French Language. Anuja is having a good communication skills with great convencing power. She also like to interact with peoples.
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Surbhi Maheshwari  [M.B.A. (Fin & Mktng)] Finance Manager
Surbhi is an easy going person belonging to the city “Indore-Heart of Madhya Pradesh” 
and have a professional degree of M.B.A. ( Fin. and Mktng.) from Prestige Institute and has pusrued B.B.A. from D.A.V.V. She did schooling from Emerald Heights International 
School. She is currently working with as “Finance Manager” and also look into matters related to marketing areas of the company. What she like the most about my current job is that it gives her the opportunity to learn and be creative. She believe in character values, enjoy challenges and looks for a creative solution to problems. My interest areas are reading novels, scrapbooking , drawing and painting.

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Niriha Khajanchi [ MBA Aviation ] Project Manager
Niriha is working with AeroSoft Corp as a Project Manager. Born and brought up in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, She did her MBA [ Aviation ] from University of Petroleum and  Energy Studies in the year 2013 and has completed her B.Com from DAVV, Indore. Niriha has an experience in content writing and has done internship at GMR Aviation Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore. She is well equipped with the knowledge of various domain specific courses along with basic management subjects like Airport Planning Management, Fundamentals of Airline operations, Aviation Safety and security, Aviation Law and Regulatory management and Customer Relationship Management, Airport and Airline Economics. She was a Member of 'Project Blue Tiger' (A Report on 'General Aviation: Growth, Opportunities and Challenges'. It contained a conference (same topic) proceedings organized by IACC. The 
report was submitted to Ministry of Civil Aviation.
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Pragati Srivastava [ MBA ] Safety Officer Air Asia Airlines : Pragati has been flying as a Cabin Crew with Air Deccan and Kingfisher Airlines Ltd. Being an Internal Quality Auditor with Kingfisher Airlines, she developed an all round  understanding of the working of the Aviation industry inside out. She flew for approximately 6 years when she decided to give a turn to her career and stop flying. She did her schooling from St. Johns Convent School (Gola), Chiranjeev Bharati School and Lucknow Public School (Lucknow), which were the building blocks of her career. Having completed her studies till the post graduation level, holding specialization in Human Resources and certification in Entrepreneurship and Development together with flying, she restarted her career using her skills and experience as an Author and Aviation Blogger. Now she even wishes to share her experience and render advice to those who wish to fly!!! Since flying is not just about glamour and money, our youngster’s need to be entirely aware what they are getting into, as going on a flight may be rejuvenating for some and tiring or boring for others. Hence it’s one of her attempts to guide the emerging aspirants and simultaneously render back to the aviation industry in a small Way. She is also an Author of Cabin Crew Career Guide Book.
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As per more then 350 search Engines including AltaVista, Bing, HotBot and Yahoo  Master YashRaj Kandya Asia's Youngest AeroSoft Certified Blogger Student of Class 6. National Public School Indore 

Anuja Dubey Manager HR AeroSoft Corp
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Master YashRaj Kandya
Youngest AeroSoft Certified Blogger of Asia
Anuja Dubey Manager HR AeroSoft Corp

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Youngest AeroSoft Certified Blogger of Asia
Anuja Dubey Manager HR AeroSoft Corp
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